Department of Trade and Industry Incentives by Enterprise Development Consultants

Enterprise Development Consultants – Company Profile

Enterprise Development Consultants (EDC) is a privately owned consultancy practice which specialises in those incentives offered through the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). The DTI and IDC have over a number of years formulated a number of incentive programmes whereby new or expanding entities that are engaged in a range of sector-specific or general manufacturing activities are able to apply for a range of positive investment support measures.

Incentive programmes administered by the DTI and IDC include inter-alia:

EDC offices are based in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth with a client base extending to all the major provinces of South Africa.

Management of EDC collectively have in excess of 40 years’ experience in DTI and IDC related incentives and are fully engaged in all operational administrative processes. From the application compilation to the final claiming submission.

The company operates on a performance basis, ensuring our clients are assured of the commitment of EDC to deliver upon those services for which it has been engaged.

Our services are all encompassing and include the outsourced management of the client’s complete incentive process.

Since inception, EDC has enjoyed exceptionally high success rates in securing relevant programme approvals together with the related incentive benefits for our clients.

We specialise in incentives for specific businesses

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